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2040 Net Zero Framework lacks detail

The conservative government has just announced a very ambitious framework for achieving a Net Zero target.

It is important to make changes now in order to ensure a cleaner future for our province, but we are very concerned that after 16 months of waiting we have been handed a lofty vision with no explanations or budget considerations as to how this will be realized. This is very troubling and while no one is debating that net-zero is the direction we should be going; without a realistic strategy this will simply be another conservative government announcement of a plan that never happens.

Transportation, agriculture, buildings and industry have been identified as the most significant sources of greenhouse gas emissions but we need to see specific, measurable and realistic goals clearly communicated by this government. Agriculture is one of our most important industries in PEI and we want to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to support stakeholders. What are the implications for the Livestock and Land Management Plans currently under review in light of this new framework?

How will government work with industries such auto manufacturers and building product suppliers to ensure that there is an adequate and affordable supply to meet the lofty goals they have identified? We need to see the evidence to show that this is achievable and what actual steps government will be taking to help Islanders transition.

The framework that was presented lacks tangible measurements and steps as to how these larger objectives will be achieved. This is yet another example of government delay and lack of actionable planning.

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