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An Uphill Battle for New King Cabinet

The announced changes to Premier King’s cabinet brought desperately needed change to some departmental leadership. The efficacy of this change remains to be determined. The changes come at a time with issues surrounding housing, healthcare delivery, affordability, access to childcare, fiscal stability, along with current and anticipated labor market gaps reaching peak severity in our province. Unfortunately, during this time of transition, I fear Islanders will see issues get worse before the possibility of getting better can be considered. The changes do bring opportunity for fresh perspectives being brought to executive council. Especially for Island youth, now having the youngest sitting MLA in the cabinet room. At the end of the day, a team is only as effective as their leader, and a leader can only be as effective as their team. The King cabinet will need to better their inter-departmental collaboration and communication, transparency to Islanders, being present during these difficult times, and delivering on promises and programs in a timely manner. I wish to thank the outgoing Ministers and extend my best wishes to the newly formed cabinet. Their success translates to that of Islanders. Myself and our Liberal Caucus will continue our role of holding them accountable in doing so. Sonny Gallant, MLA Evangeline – Miscouche Leader of the Third Party


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