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Answers Expected on Government Storm Response

Islanders can soon expect to hear answers about the provincial government’s handling of the recent storm that devastated many parts of the province, says District 14 MLA Gordon McNeilly.

“As the climate changes, we can expect more and more extreme weather,” McNeilly said.

“It’s very important that we learn from our mistakes and successes – so that Islanders have confidence the government is there to assist them in times of need.”

On Wednesday, Liberal MLA, Rob Henderson, at the Standing Committee on Health and Social Development successfully pressed to have Premier Dennis King and Public Safety Minister Bloyce Thompson appear publicly to explain government’s response to the recent storm.

The Premier and Minister have been invited to appear before the Committee on September 24.In addition, the Committee agreed to hear from the Emergency Measures Organization – and efforts are being made to question Maritime Electric.

“Our goal will be to help identify new ways to ensure that all Islanders can have confidence in our systems,” McNeilly said.

“Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity for Premier King and Minister Thompson to thoroughly explain its recently announced assistance program – and government’s reasons for not calling on the Canadian Armed Forces to help in storm clean-up.”

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