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Aylward’s Health Access “Approaches” Inadequate

A document released by Health Minister James Aylward that purports to describe his efforts to improve access to doctors and health services is exceedingly thin, says Liberal MLA Robert Henderson.

“The Minister has had seven months to strengthen health care which was a central commitment of the Conservatives during the provincial election,” Henderson said.

On Thursday – after repeated questions about health care access, Aylward produced a document which included:

  • Three references to Twitter promotions

  • Development of a “Marketing Strategy”Implementation of a new brand called “Some See a Postcard, You’ll See a Launchpad!”

  • Three references to social media campaignsAttendance at 19 out-of-province conferences (and two on Prince Edward Island and none out of country)

“However, there is barely any mention of communities on Prince Edward Island – and barely any references to mental health. Unfortunately, the Minister’s attempt to explain his efforts falls extraordinarily short of the legitimate expectations Islanders have to improve access to health care.”

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