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Conservative Throne Speech A “Little Light” Considering the Gravity of the Times

The lack of long-term vision from the Speech from the Throne is surprising says Liberal Leader Sonny Gallant.

“Given the circumstances our province and society finds itself in, this was an opportunity for the Conservatives to outline a comprehensive vision to guide the Island’s future,” said Gallant.

“To be a somewhat blunt, the speech seems light, given the challenges of the times.”

In particular, the Liberals are concerned with:

  • Lack of emphasis on seniors’ supports

  • Little sense of direction to provide small businesses with the confidence they need to effectively emerge from the pandemic.

  • Zero details on a doctor recruitment plan.

“Additionally, I was surprised there was so little done to substantially increase access to mental health and addictions services. The gaps in these areas, revealed by the pandemic, strongly suggested that more concrete plans would be announced.”.

“Finally, we were all hoping to see glimpses of a vigorous economic plan. We all know that tourism is facing a rough time and there is little in the speech to reassure that very important sector.

“That said, the current sitting of the Legislature will allow the Liberal Caucus to prod government towards more substantive action in the weeks to come.”

“At the end of day, this government, simply put, completely missed an excellent opportunity to show bold leadership and vision, instead choosing to go ahead with more of the same half measures.”

Media Contact:

Marcia Beck

Office of the Third Party


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