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Coronavirus: State of Readiness Update Needed

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

As Islanders brace for the impacts of the coronavirus, more needs to be done to keep the public informed on the precise level of the province’s preparedness, says Leader of the Third Party Sonny Gallant.

“I am asking the Conservative government to make their reply to the Prime Minister public. As an elected representative, I have been hearing increasing concern from my constituents. They are worried – and they are seeking answers,” Gallant said.

“In our view, Islanders deserve to know province’s state of readiness in terms of ventilator, protective gear and hospital bed inventory – and the more information provided the better.”

This week, the federal government wrote to the Premier, asking for a complete update on Prince Edward Island’s readiness to respond to the coronavirus. From the letter:

The federal government is “ready to convene and help. To do so, we need to be able to understand what your challenges may be and how we can best continue to work together. I ask that you please inform us ahead of the First Ministers’ Meeting (March 13) of your state of readiness, and any critical supply or capacity gaps you are concerned with in order for us to respond quickly to potential challenges.”

“To a great extent, public health officials have done an excellent job. This week, I met with Chief Public Health Officer Heather Morrison, who provided clear, articulate and constructive plans. Islanders should be very confident in the work of Dr. Morrison.”

“As we grapple with the potential challenge of the coronavirus, Islanders deserve to know exactly what our governments ‘state of readiness’ is – and whether there are any gaps in supplies. Prince Edward Island has a great history of dealing with adversity and overcoming challenges. But we need to know all the facts. As a first step, I look forward to reading the Premier’s response to the federal government’s offer – and will be very supportive of any effort to cope with this challenge.”

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