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Government Has No Reason to Delay School Lunch Program: Nutrition Plays Major Role in Healthy Child

Healthy and well-educated children have to be fundamental priorities for government, says Liberal Education Critic Robert Mitchell.

“I believe it is essential for government to follow through on the finalization of the school lunch program that was well on the way to being introduced just a few months ago,” Mitchell said.

“Government’s excuse – that an election got in the way of introducing a school lunch program – is no longer valid.”

“And based on a recent UNICEF study, it is poor quality diets that can threaten a child’s health and potential.”

There is research to support a link exists between diet quality and mental health in children and adolescents. Dietitians of Canada (DC), the national professional association for dietitians, recognizes that there are many intersections between nutrition and mental health and for this reason they commissioned the development of a comprehensive document titled “Promoting Mental Health Through Healthy Eating and Nutritional Care”.

“Mental health problems occur across all ages, cultures, and populations,” says MLA Heath MacDonald.

“For that reason let’s set our children on a path to thrive and excel - and introduce the (promised) provincial school lunch program. I am advocate of the program, and there has been a lot of energy devoted to this by students, teachers, farmers, administration and the federation of home and school” MacDonald said.

“There is no reason for further delay.”

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