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Government Must Balance Responding to COVID-19 While Maintaining Other Essential Health Services

The severe limitations on hospital services is adding a great deal of pressure on Islanders who require home care, says Liberal MLA Rob Henderson.

“As more and more Islanders are accessing health care at home, the ability of the system to respond appears to be stretched,” Henderson said.

“I have heard from a number of Islanders who say family members are finding it difficult to get the services they require to stay at home, receive care and maintain health.”

While it is important to ensure the acute care system is prepared to deal with a potential surge of COVID-19 patients, a balance is clearly required, Henderson said.

“As we wait for potential growth in the incidence of COVID-19, we do need to provide essential services to Islanders with ongoing health conditions. And it is important to recognize as acute care needs have been reduced, there is now a greater demand and stress on home care services. Everyone is doing their part – and most people I know are willing to keep their demands on the acute care system to a minimum.”

“But the system has to be there as well – to support those who are doing their part and struggling with health challenges. Given the reduced utilization of acute care facilities, I certainly hope that Health Minister James Aylward is considering the idea of redirecting personnel toward home care – in a way the helps Islanders now receiving care at home.”

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