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Governments Need to Support Community Rebuilding Efforts in Tyne Valley

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

As communities across the Island rally to support Tyne Valley in the wake of the weekend rink fire, there is an expectation for governments to act quickly and support rebuilding, says Interim Liberal Leader Sonny Gallant.

“Rinks play an essential role in communities across the Island,” Mr. Gallant said. “It is imperative for governments to rapidly signal their commitment to partner in a replacement for the Community Sports Centre in Tyne Valley. When I visited Tyne Valley on Sunday, I was struck by the determination of residents to take on the hard work that needs to be done.”

In 2010, a fire destroyed the Evangeline Community Centre in Abram Village. Mr. Gallant was the Member of the Legislative Assembly for the area – and helped to ensure that a replacement got on government’s radar within days.

“In situations like this, governments can do a lot – if the willingness is there to say ‘yes’. If there is a willingness, there is a way to make sure a new Community Sports Centre is open in 2020.”

Earlier this year, both levels of government approved funding for arena upgrades in Tyne Valley. In part, this funding can be used to help with rebuilding.

Furthermore, Ottawa announced in December that federal transfers to Prince Edward Island will rise by $46 million in the next fiscal year.

“The money is there. Additionally, I believe this is an opportunity to invest in new, environmentally sustainable equipment. It is important to remember that the Community Sports Centre is more than a rink. It is also a local hub that supports events like the Tyne Valley Oyster Festival – and serves the largest First Nations community on the Island.”

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