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Huge gaps continue to exist between report recommendations and government actions

Homeless Islanders need a hand up and supports, but the shelter system this government has in place is not adequate. Gaps in the system, a lack of individualized case management and uncoordinated planning by the PEI Department of Social Development and Housing are causing Islanders to continue to struggle.

The findings of an independent Needs Assessment on Emergency Shelters report delivered to government over two years ago, identified three key recommendations:

· Recommendation #1: Increase housing supply for emergency shelters, transitional housing, supportive housing and subsidized housing.

· Recommendation #2: Adopt a client-centered, collaborative approach.

· Recommendation #3: Develop standard data collection approaches and common reporting

These recommendations and the actions they endorse, outline what is needed to support those vulnerable Islanders who need a safe, warm place to call home and how to help them through other physical, mental, and financial barriers they are facing while they progress to stable long-term housing.

Partner organizations are doing great work - but government cannot rely on them alone. This government has a responsibility to Islanders and must provide hands-on, individualized and coordinated case management services to bring together all the interventions and services needed to ensure there are no further redundancies or gaps.

I urge Premier Dennis King and Minister Brad Trivers to immediately action all recommendations in the report.

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