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Islanders Await Answers While Wait Times Increase

The crisis in Island health care continues to worsen with wait times for the Emergency Room skyrocketing at the provinces largest hospital in recent weeks, says Liberal Health Critic Rob Henderson.

“We have been hearing from Islanders that have reported to the QEH ER recently and have faced wait times of up to eight hours long, and in some cases were asked to return at another time.”

Due to a large number of physician and nursing vacancies at the QEH, twelve ER beds had to be closed until at least September, leading to large wait times for Islanders seeking assistance.

“With the patient registry now sitting at over 19,000 Islanders, there is additional pressure placed on the ER and the dedicated people working there.”

“While we do need to offer critical emergency services to Islanders, we must also ensure we are allowing our dedicated health care staff their earned time off, in an effort to avoid burnout.”

Physician and nursing vacancies are not new here in Prince Edward Island and this government’s lack of foresight and planning has resulted in the staff shortages and service disruptions we are seeing today.

“Throughout the last 18 months, health care workers have done everything they can to continue offering services to Islanders. It is time for the King government to put a similar level of effort into addressing the many increasing gaps and vacancies within our healthcare system.”

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