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Islanders Deserve Details on the PEI Vax Pass

The introduction of a vaccination pass is right around the corner, yet businesses have many unanswered questions, says Liberal Economic Growth critic Hal Perry.

“We need simple rules that protect Islanders. But lately, it seems government prefers to complicate people’s lives.

“For instance, it would be simple to introduce mandatory vaccines for all educational and health care workers”

“Relative to small businesses, sports organizations and other services, we have been hearing from people across the province who have a long list of unanswered questions about the PEI Vax Pass that the Premier announced. Most seem to be generally supportive but are concerned about unanswered questions. I’ve been asked how do staff handle noncompliance or confrontation, who is responsible for enforcement, does this replace contact tracing, and will there be additional supports for small businesses that are already short staffed?”

Premier King announced September 21 that his government is working with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on the creation of the PEI Vax Pass set to come into effect on October 5, 20201.

“I understand the safety of Islanders comes first. We want to prevent community spread, avoid future lockdowns and keep people out of hospitals so we do not end up like Alberta. But businesses have had to pivot several times during the pandemic, they deserve and need more clarity from the King government.”

“There is always the uncertainty of something that was never in place before and is now going to be in place on Oct. 5,” says Perry. “Government needs to move quickly and address people’s concerns. We are days away from the launch and Islanders have no details.”

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