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Liberal Priorities for Upcoming Sitting of the PEI Legislature

Statement from Sonny Gallant:

In the upcoming sitting of the Legislative Assembly, the Liberal caucus will focus much of our efforts on access to health care – and we expect government to bring forward a plan that responds to the worsening crisis that is overtaking health care in our province.

Aside from the various issues in health care delivery, the Liberal caucus also intends to focus on affordability and the increasing cost of living, the deficiencies that still exist in government’s back to school plans, and governments vision for economic recovery as we emerge from the pandemic.

We have two priority pieces of legislation for this session. The Human Organ & Tissue Donation Act will mark the first step in moving PEI toward a model of presumed consent, while also allowing government the necessary time to develop the medical supports and communication plan required to ensure a successful program, like the one in Nova Scotia.

The Act to Amend the Water Act will seek to eliminate costs associated with obtaining water quality tests for drinking water, ensuring Islanders don’t face financial barriers to accessing clean and safe water. This legislation will be of assistance to rural Islanders, as they often own their well and are responsible for any testing.

Throughout the last few months, there have been numerous issues arise in areas of health care, education, affordability and economic recovery. We look forward to the opportunity to hold government to account for some of the current problems being experienced and hear more about their plans to address those problems as we move forward.

Sonny Gallant

Leader of the Third Party

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