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Liberals Expect Moves on Mandatory Vaccines

The King government must move directly toward mandatory vaccinations for the public sector – and most especially those in education and health care, says Liberal Leader Sonny Gallant.

“Mandatory vaccines among those who serve our most vulnerable is an obvious decision. It will promote safety – and it will enhance confidence both among parents and those who are seeking health care.”

According to the latest figures provided by government to the Legislative Assembly, there were 345 people employed by Health PEI who have not been vaccinated. This is far too high. Regardless of the current number vaccinated, in my opinion everyone in the public sector should be.

The same package of material continued to muddy the waters around vaccination levels in the school system.

“Parents are worried – and privacy rights are less important than public safety,” Gallant said. “It’s very concerning that the vaccination rate is as low as 71% at some schools. Parents deserve to know that their children’s teachers are vaccinated. The only way to guarantee that is mandatory vaccines.”

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