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Liberals Win Committee Support for Free Lunch Program

"This is an opportunity to end lunch shaming and stigma.”

Access to healthy meals for all Island children has to be an essential priority for government, says Liberal Education Critic Robert Mitchell.

“School meals are a key component to student success both in and out of the classroom. I believe it is fundamental for all Island students to have equal access to healthy lunches,” Mitchell said.

“This is about the wellness of all children in our school system and equal access to healthy school lunches.”

The provincial government has recently confirmed it will launch a new pilot program for school lunches in select schools later this month. The pilot will run two models using healthy local food whenever possible and be offered at a cost of $5 per student. The model for the finalized program set to roll out in the fall of 2020 will be determined based on the outcome of the two models being tested in the new pilot.

“The Liberal caucus would like to see the school lunch program offered for free to all Island students,” says MLA Robert Mitchell.

“I was pleased today that all members of the Education and Economic Development committee finally agreed to urge government to make the school lunch program free.”

“Affordability is a major issue in our province, not all families can afford $25 per week.” Mitchell said. “We need to ensure there is no way to identify the students and families who cannot afford to pay. This is an opportunity to end lunch shaming and stigma.”

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