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Marked Fuel Extension a Disappointment for Island Farmers

The marked fuel extension promised to Island farmers has come up short, says Liberal Agriculture critic Robert Henderson.

“To me, the extension of the marked fuel program is not at all what was promised. Initially, we thought this was a major win for the agriculture industry, but it is more inequality towards Island farmers,” Henderson said.

“This is about fairness and supporting our Island farmers to be competitive across the region. Farmers were promised a tax exemption to transport their product from the field to Island markets. What government has delivered is counterproductive and an additional bureaucratic burden for our farmers.”

The extension of marked fuel to all farm plated vehicles came into effect September 1, 2020. Prior to this, marked fuel could only be used in tractors or other farm vehicles that were used primarily off-road. This long standing request from the agriculture community was included in the 2020-2021 provincial budget at an estimated cost of $1.2 million.

“I supported the most recent provincial budget based on this program being included,” said Liberal MLA Henderson. “But the program is not what was promised. I feel misled, and I’m not aware of any farmers who understood it to be this way. Island food producers want what was promised to be delivered.”

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