• Liberal Caucus

Now is not the time to wave the white flag.

The Liberal Opposition is disappointed in the lack of clear action by the King government in the face of the current COVID-19 situation in Prince Edward Island. For the last two years, we have heard from this government that they would be walking alongside Islanders every step of the way. However, this past week, they have failed to do so. Now we are dealing with over six hundred cases in the last week and where have the Premier and his government been?

Up until yesterday, it was radio silence.

This pandemic has challenged Islanders in ways that we could never have imagined. In the wake of yesterday’s press conference, parents and teachers are now scratching their heads after being given little information as to what the next two weeks will look like and the rest of us are frustrated with the lack of fight left in this government. Where are the new measures? Where is the information? Why are Islanders being left to fend for themselves at the worst point in the pandemic? You deserve better.

The Liberal Opposition shares the concerns of Islanders that are frustrated regarding the availability of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests. When asked why his government is not distributing rapid tests like other jurisdictions, the Premier blamed the hold-up on the Federal government while simultaneously admitting that his government didn’t have the foresight to order more supply a month ago. The Federal government is willing and has supported Islanders all the way through this pandemic and it is time for the provincial government to do its part.

We are calling on a reevaluation of the booster schedule to better meet the demands of this new wave. Other provinces are scheduling booster doses as early as three months from the primary series of vaccination. If we need additional resources to make that happen, call for them.

Most importantly, we are calling on government to be more transparent with Islanders going forward and to be more accountable with their communications. Islanders do not deserve to be left in the dark by their government like they were this past week. We appreciate and respect that this has been a challenging road for the government to walk but the time has come for them to answer the tough questions and make the difficult calls. Leadership is not a title, it is action.

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