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O’Leary-Inverness MLA Calls for Government Action on Shoreline Protection for West Point Lighthouse

The West Point Development Corp has not received funding to start rebuilding infrastructure and environmental protection nearly six months after hurricane Dorian, says Liberal MLA Robert Henderson.

“Because government’s response has been so slow, it’s tough for businesses in the area to plan for the tourism season ahead,” Henderson said.

“The West Point Development Corp doesn’t know if it will open. Bookings for accommodations are on hold and the restaurant is unsure of its plan for opening this season.”

The West Point Development Corp has also not received funding for shoreline cleanup or to reinforce the existing Langley wall.

“As the MLA for the area, I have contacted the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, Matthew MacKay, and Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, Steven Myers, and both assured me they were committed to completing the work before the tourism season begins in June,” says MLA Henderson.

“But I am concerned by the lack of action, I have no indication that work will start soon, and time is running out before the tourism begins,” Henderson said. “After speaking with Member of Parliament for Egmont, Bobby Morrissey, it was confirmed that Ottawa has not received a funding application from the provincial government.”

“I am calling on the Conservative government to first support funding for the West Point Development Corp to clean up the beach, repair the existing shoreline protection and parking lot so it can be operational no later than June 1, 2020, “ said Henderson. “Then begin work on reefs and wall extensions when funds become available later in 2020.”

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