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Patient registry continues to grow and nursing shortage alarming

Islanders continue to wait for solutions and are losing hope, says Liberal Health Critic Robert Henderson.

“While it is great to hear that Health PEI has recruited 13 family physicians in the last year, the sad truth is that this won’t make a dent in the patient registry which now sits at an alarming 22,399 Islanders. These physicians will merely replace the 13 doctors who left their practices in 2021,” Henderson said.

“As the number of Islanders without a family physician keeps growing, the King government continues to rely on excuses. In the last Legislative session, the government declared that it had no intention of providing every Islander on the registry a family doctor.”

“We have heard talk of medical homes and neighborhoods – but as the months and years pass, we have yet to see this plan in action. PEI has alarming staff shortages across the board in the healthcare sector. Permanent and temporary nursing vacancies continue to rise. Health PEI has approximately 230 vacant nursing positions, and more than 285 Registered Nurses within Health PEI are eligible to retire,” Henderson said.

“The Legislative Assembly will resume next week, and our Liberal caucus will continue to focus on access to healthcare for all Islanders – we will expect the government to provide a plan that properly responds to the crisis that is overtaking our province and actually see it through.”

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