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Premier King: Vaccine Mandates Are Not ‘Illegal’ – So Bring Them In

A vaccine requirement for all health care and educational employees must be adopted by the King government, says Liberal Caucus Leader Sonny Gallant.

And contrary to Premier King’s statements in March of 2021, vaccine mandates are clearly not ‘illegal’. “It makes no sense to prevent people from getting into gyms and bars without being fully vaccinated - and allow free flow in schools, hospitals and care facilities,” Gallant said. This week, our neighboring province of Nova Scotia introduced strict vaccine mandates for schools and health care. “Premier King said this week he wants to follow other provinces. This is clearly an opportunity to follow the leadership measures followed by others. “And let’s be clear: This is a matter that requires the Premier’s leadership. This must be led by him.”

It is possible the Premier continues to believe that strict vaccine mandates are against the law.

Last winter, the Liberal Caucus suggested mandatory vaccines for health care workers as an element of the Speech from the Throne.

In dismissively rejecting the suggestion for mandatory vaccines on March 9, 2021*, the Premier said:

“It’s not in the Speech (from the Throne) because it’s illegal; I can’t do that.”*

“The Premier was wrong then – and he’s wrong now,” Gallant said. “Avoiding basic protections for children and people in health care is demonstrably irresponsible, and I certainly hope he is not relying on the same advice that led him to his statement that mandatory vaccines are ‘illegal’.”


*Hansard – March 9 2021, page 316: Premier Dennis King replies to the Speech from the Throne and claims vaccine mandates are against the law

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