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Prince Edward Island Environment Bond

Over its long and distinguished history, Islanders have always shown a willingness to work together for the common good.

Our response to the current pandemic is a case in point. We have the ability to respond well to challenges – and as a result, we have protected our entire community from harm.

I believe that sense of common purpose will be the cornerstone of our fight against the impacts of the climate crisis – and I sense a great public willingness to engage in that battle.

As individuals, most of us are doing our part. We enthusiastically embraced the need for waste reduction and recycling – and now, we have one of the best management systems in Canada.

Across our province, new technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been embraced, and our carbon footprint in being reduced.

But, I often hear people who want to do more.

This is particularly true of a younger generation, that has grown up with a firm understanding of the climate crisis, and the effects it may have on their futures. I hear those fears and worries on a regular basis, and the commitment of many to the future of all is a great inspiration.

Similarly, the vast majority of older Islanders share these concerns, because they know it is time for comprehensive actions needed to combat the growing effects of the climate crisis.

In part, I believe we can harness that concern in a way that will improve our environment, provide Islanders an opportunity to invest and take ownership in climate change solutions while simultaneously growing our investment in one another.

The idea of Clean Environment Bonds has been adopted in many parts of the world – and interest in these investment and savings options are becoming both popular and useful.

First, a Prince Edward Island Environment Bond would allow government to raise significant funds for specific projects designed to combat the climate crisis. In effect, the bonds would act as a new source of capital for sustainable projects designed to improve our environment.

Second, the bonds should carry a decent rate of return, knowing that our investment will be in our own provincial future.

Over the coming weeks and months, I hope to promote this idea more widely for two simple reasons. First, I believe a Clean Environment Bond will allow many Islanders to own a share in the fight against the climate crisis. And second, I also want to see our investments benefit individual Islanders who want to actively commit personal resources to a larger social goal.

In other words, I want to see more activity aimed at environmentally sustainable projects in a way that keeps our investments working on Prince Edward Island.

Additionally, I am very confident in the concerns and hopes I have heard expressed by Islanders across our province. They want to add their efforts to the great and historic effort to build a cleaner and more sustainable environment. So, let’s give Islanders the tools they need.

Heath MacDonald

MLA District 16 | Cornwall – Meadowbank

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