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Small Island Businesses Need Innovative Help

As we all endure the effects of the current crisis, it is vital for the provincial government to help small businesses survive, says Liberal MLA Heath MacDonald.

“Today’s crisis is devastating – and I realize governments are working to address immediate needs. But our province’s long-term future will also depend on making sure that small businesses are able to survive and recover.”

In recent days, small businesses have pointed out that programs that defer rent costs or provide loans will only add to long-term debt - if they survive.

“As we move through the long haul, we need to ensure the continuity of small businesses – and I believe we also need to consider innovative ways to promote their work and products.”

For that reason, the Liberal Caucus is calling on government to provide additional supports to small businesses – and particularly in terms of the infrastructure required to facilitate on-line sales and home delivery.

“The Island was built on small- and medium-sized businesses – and they urgently need our help. Most Islanders want to support and purchase local products. In our view, we must provide small business with the technological and financial support to make it easier for them to sell their products – and for Islanders to support local business.

“Additionally, we believe the government can play a significant role in providing the support required for safe, reliable home delivery. In this time of crisis and need, we all believe that we can do much more to help Island entrepreneurs. And that includes appropriate assistance for rent and lease payments that don’t add to debt – as well as the work required to allow efficient on-line sales and safe home delivery. Right now, small businesses need us, as we will need them in the days ahead.”

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