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Statement by the Leader of the Third Party

As of right now, there are thousands of Islanders at work. Each and every one of those Islanders is helping our province – by keeping the roads clear, our electricity flowing and serving their fellow citizens in countless ways.

We are in an emergency situation. We have been facing difficulties for close to a year, and Islanders have responded with a high degree of unity and cooperation.

Of course, the current situation is alarming. It is an emergency.

In the view of the Liberal Caucus, an emergency is precisely the time for government to be explaining the situation and its response to Islanders. Our Legislative Assembly is the institution that allows Government both to communicate to Islanders – and respond to questions raised by elected representatives.

Today, the Premier and the Leader of the Green Opposition lodged certain accusations at me.

Those accusations are false – and I challenge them to make those statements in the House.

During conversations Tuesday, I said the Liberal Caucus would consider a closure of the House – and that I needed to consult with each of them. Any agreement to temporarily close the House was contingent on that conversation with my colleagues, and I am grateful to the staff member who joined me for that call, who has corroborated my statement.

A collective decision was made that we could proceed safely with a sitting of the House – and that, like thousands of Islanders, we could do the jobs we are paid to do.

Furthermore, the House follows some of the most stringent safety rules in the province.

Unlike other Islanders, our work areas are separated by plexiglass – and surfaces are constantly cleaned and recleaned. I am sure that thousands of Islanders at work today would be grateful if their own workplaces were as diligent as Government is in protecting MLAs.

Finally, to quote correspondence from the Clerk of Legislative Assembly, received well after the alert level red measures with modifications came into effect:

"From an operational point of view, we are confident that we are taking all the necessary steps, in consultation with the CPHO in order to continue sitting safely."

Sonny Gallant

District 24 | Evangeline - Miscouche

Leader of the Third Party

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