• Liberal Caucus

Statement from Gordon McNeilly

I have deep concerns about a proposed Conservative law to centralize power in Cabinet. The amendments to the Emergency Measures Act could be seen as a power grab - and a way to shield government decisions from full public scrutiny.

Right now, Islanders are all being asked to do their part – and they need an open, transparent government that clearly outlines its decisions. Any attempt to limit public knowledge during the current crisis is not just tone-deaf – it’s arrogant and ill-informed. As the Liberal Emergency Measures Critic, I have fundamental concerns with this bill – and both myself and my colleagues plan to get to the bottom of it.

That said, the true nature of government’s plan will emerge during debate over the proposed bill.

As a Liberal member, I believe in debate. I value the democratic freedom of all members to voice their opinions and learn from discussion. And, I believe government deserves its day in court. Unlike the Green Party, the Liberals plan to listen to government and question its motives. We will also listen respectfully to the argument made by the Green Party – and of course, we will advance our own views. At the conclusion of that debate – and after Islanders are better informed – we will make a decision on our vote.

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