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Statement from Sonny Gallant

Recently I have gone through some cardiovascular issues that required intervention. While I did not experience a heart attack, I did have some blockage that called for immediate medical treatment. It was concerning and we are grateful to be on the other side. I am healing now, and my wife Linda and I are back at home once again isolating until Monday.

We are appreciative of the many supportive calls and messages that we have received and are very thankful to our friends and family who have been so helpful and continue to care for our needs in isolation.

Linda and I want to express our sincere thanks to the excellent staff at the Prince County Hospital, Island EMS and Saint John Regional Hospital for the care and professionalism we experienced. In a time when you are all working under significant challenges and pressures, your continued strength and caring is truly remarkable. Thank you.

I continue to serve as interim leader of the Liberal Party and as Leader of the Third Party in the legislature and will be back to regular commitments on Monday January 24th as planned. Thank you for your concern and support. I encourage everyone to practice heart healthy lifestyle choices and I promise that I will continue to advocate for access to healthcare for all Islanders.

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