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Strong Fiscal Foundation Should Mean Improved Access to Health Care

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Access to health care will be the main agenda item for Liberal Third Party Members during the upcoming sitting of the Legislative Assembly.

“The most pressing need identified by Islanders is for government to continually work on improving access to high-quality health care services,” says interim Liberal Leader Sonny Gallant.

“Government has committed to increasing the number of family physicians and psychiatrists – with the goal of eliminating wait lists in our province. As a result, Islanders will want to know the progress that has been made since the early spring election.”

Given the strong fiscal foundation inherited by the Conservatives, Mr. Gallant said investments in health care now are entirely appropriate – and needed.

This year, the Conservative administration received $156 million more in revenue than originally expected. That fiscal windfall is more than adequate to ensuring improved access to family doctors and more rapid delivery of surgical procedures, like hip and knee replacements.

“Over the last number of years, Liberal cabinets were conscious of the need to build a strong and sustainable fiscal framework,” Mr. Gallant said.

“Our reason for that was simple: The decisions we made were crucial to providing government with the ability to make progressive choices. Every member of the Liberal caucus believes it is time to use that dividend now – and make important investments in health care, affordability and education.”

As the new Leader of the Third Party, Mr. Gallant has adjusted the critic roles for the Liberal caucus. The Liberal critics are:

  • Sonny Gallant: Environment, and Climate Change; Intergovernmental Affairs; Acadian and Francophone Affairs.

  • Robert Mitchell: Education; Tourism and Culture; Indigenous Relations.

  • Robert Henderson: Health; Agriculture and Land; Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy.

  • Hal Perry: Fisheries and Communities; Rural Health.

  • Heath MacDonald: Finance; Mental Health; Pharmacare; Economic Growth.

  • Gord McNeilly: Wellness; Social Development and Housing; Justice and Public Safety; status of Women.

MacDonald has been appointed as the Third Party's House leader and Henderson will remain party whip.

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