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Time for Common Sense COVID Measures

In the view of the Liberal caucus, three Covid-mitigation measures should be strongly considered by government: 1) Reintroduction of the mask mandate for all indoor public spaces; 2) Immediate introduction of a vaccine passport system that severely limits the capacity of those who choose to remain unvaccinated (except those with medical conditions) to move freely in areas of potential transmission; 3) Mandatory vaccination for all employees of the provincial public sector. “As a caucus, we believe that the vast majority must take steps to protect our Island - and most particularly, children who are not eligible to receive a vaccine. And most have followed these precautions." “Certain individuals may ‘choose’ to remain unvaccinated. Fine. But this should not give the right to the unvaccinated the choice to endanger the overwhelming number of Islanders who respect public health and safety,” said Liberal Leader Sonny Gallant.

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