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Vaccine Pass Should Include Schools

The introduction of a vaccination pass for Islanders must be handled very carefully and efficiently, says Liberal Leader Sonny Gallant.

“We have seen a lot of confusion coming from the King government recently. The back-to-school plan was mishandled – much like the decision to end the mask mandate during the summer.

“I believe a vaccination pass is essential for a return to normal – but I also worry that government will cause worry and concern in many quarters.”

One advantage of a vaccination pass is this: If a pass is required to enter indoor public spaces, this will imply a requirement for all educational and health workers to be vaccinated.

“As a caucus, the Liberals are completely in favor of mandatory vaccinations for educational and health workers. We are hoping a vaccine pass creates the conditions to achieve this.

“After all, if a pass will be required to enter a bar or gym, shouldn’t the same level of caution apply to classrooms?”

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Jake Godfrey


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