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Where is the Plan to Fix Health Care?

As the patient registry rapidly increases, access to health care remains the most pressing issue identified by Islanders, says Liberal MLA Robert Henderson.

“Access to health care is not improving, it is getting worse, and in a very short period of time. Islanders want to know the progress that has been made since the election almost one year ago. Unfortunately, the Minister’s previous attempt to explain his efforts falls extremely short of the legitimate expectations Islanders have to improve access to health care.”

Over the last couple of months, health professional vacancies and the number of Islanders waiting for access to care have both increased:

  • The complement of pediatricians at the Prince County Hospital is a third of what it should be;

  • The complement of medical oncologists is short two doctors;

  • There are three psychiatry vacancies;

  • Islanders waiting for a doctor is increasing weekly with a current wait list of 16,216; 

  • The wait for long-term care; and 

  • The nursing shortage continues to escalate.

“While I appreciate the difficulty of the job, I am concerned with some of the trends that are now apparent. Where is the plan? Too many Islanders are waiting for the Conservatives to keep their promise to fix health care.” Henderson said.

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