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A Call for Transparent Governance: Delayed Mandate Letters Finally Released

As your Official Opposition, we have been calling on the Premier to release his ministerial mandate letters since May because Islanders deserve an open and transparent government with a plan.

I am perplexed as to why it took so long for the Premier to release his mandate letters when they are so similar to the PC election platform. The only notable difference is that King gave himself and his Cabinet more time to do what they promised to do. Where is the sense of urgency? It leaves me wondering: what has government been doing since April?

Delaying the release of his priorities not only creates uncertainty, but it also undermines trust in the government's commitment to addressing the pressing concerns that Islanders are dealing with every day.

Our province is facing numerous challenges, from housing and health care to affordability and climate change. Islanders are looking for concrete actions and solutions to these issues, but the lack of urgency from the Premier is deeply concerning.

The Premier's mandate letters spell out the responsibilities and priorities of the work ministers will focus on in their roles. They provide a clear road map for the minister’s work and promote transparency and accountability. Without them, the public is left in the dark.

Islanders are struggling with access to timely healthcare services, affordable housing, a slower than expected tourism season, and the urgent need to address the climate crisis. These are not problems that can be put on hold or treated with complacency. Islanders need to see a government that is willing to take immediate action to address these pressing concerns.

It is time for decisive leadership and immediate action to address the pressing issues that Islanders are facing. Islanders deserve nothing less than a government that is committed to their well-being and is willing to tackle the challenges head-on.


Media Contact

Robert Godfrey

Official Opposition Office



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