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Gord McNeilly Statement on Inequitable Rental Increases

It is unacceptable for seniors, who often live on fixed incomes, to face an unfair rent increase that could potentially lead to housing insecurity.

The King government must take action to protect our vulnerable seniors who are already struggling with skyrocketing cost of living in PEI. It is clear, yet again, this government has no plan or vision to make our Island an affordable place to call home.

I am calling on the King government to intervene on this outrageous IRAC decision on behalf of tenants. This government needs to prioritize the needs of our aging population and ensure they have access to safe and affordable housing options in their communities.

Media Contact

Robert Godfrey

Office of the Official Opposition



This week, the Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission (IRAC) approved rental increases of 30-34 per cent for tenants in the Wellington area.

This rental increase in Wellington is one example of many cases across PEI. Tenants have been faced with exceptionally high increases in rent, as Island landlords have successfully applied for a greater than allowable rent increase through IRAC.

This has occurred, despite the former Minister of Housing criticizing IRAC last fall when it permitted up to 10.8 per cent rent increases by saying “not on my watch”.

During the 2022 fall session of the Legislature, the government introduced a legislative amendment and promised Islanders that rents would be frozen at zero per cent for 2023.

That did not happen.

On May 23, 2023, Gord McNeilly presented a petition on behalf of tenants to highlight and express the importance of this issue to government in the Legislature asking government to:

“put in place measures to ensure no tenant is required to pay more than a 3% allowable rent increase; or any additional increase of more than 3% above the allowable rent increase.”

The government response to this petition on June 6, 2023, was non-committal and inadequate for tenants that are facing huge increases.

It is clear the government does not take the plight of Island tenants seriously.

McNeilly continues to ask government to intervene with these IRAC decisions on behalf of tenants. They have already overturned the IRAC decision in the fall last year.

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