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Government Fails Families in After-School Care Crisis

The Conservative government has shown a complete disregard for the urgent needs of families by failing to address the growing shortage of after-school care, leaving hundreds of parents scrambling for solutions, says Liberal MLA Gord McNeilly.

For nearly a year, Prince Edward Island has seen a significant reduction in after-school care spaces, forcing families into a difficult position. Despite repeated warnings and pleas for intervention, this government has turned a blind eye, abandoning families who rely on these programs to balance work and family responsibilities. 

“Earlier this year, we asked the government to take immediate steps to address this pressing issue. In these tough economic times, parents and caregivers need reliable after-school care to maintain their employment and support their families. Instead, many are being forced to make the hard decision between staying home to care for young children or impacting their take home pay because of a lack of available after school care,” said McNeilly.

The government's inaction is unacceptable. We demand that they release a comprehensive plan to tackle the after-school care shortage within 30 days. Parents cannot afford to wait any longer.

“This is not a minor inconvenience; it is a major problem impacting the financial stability and well-being of families. The government must act now to ensure that every family has access to the after-school care they need this fall.” said McNeilly.

Media Contact:

Robert Godfrey

Office of the Official Opposition



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