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King Conservatives Finally Have a Health Care Plan: Call in the Consultants!

After five years of health care mismanagement and dwindling services for Islanders, it appears the King Conservatives finally have an answer: Call in the private sector consultants.

“For years now, Islanders have shown a lot of patience when it comes to health care,” says Liberal MLA Gord McNeilly.

“They accepted the Premier’s word when he said the patient registry would begin to fall in the winter. It did not.

“Islanders listened – when the concept of patient homes were raised. And still, the King Conservatives seem incapable of following through on this basic promise.

“A commitment ‘to fix health care’ was made – but addictions, mental health and acute care services continue to suffer.

“Now, the King Conservatives have demonstrated the final stage of failure:

“According to reports this morning, the government has decided to award a large contract to a multi-national consulting firm to create a ‘transformation office’.

“Frankly, I can tell you where this ‘transformation office’ should be,” McNeilly said.

“This work should have been done by the Premier and the Minister of Health – and it should have been job one since the spring of 2019.

“Instead, the province has chosen the path of doing nothing – in some faint hope that the system would fix itself. Obviously, this do-nothing plan has failed – and now the consultants are lining up, waiting for

their piece of health care funding. And the only effect that Islanders will see is more delay, further chaos in health care and the failure to keep up with the changing needs of Islanders.

“The solution at this point is simple: First: cancel this contract and redirect the money into primary care. Second, the Premier and Health Minister should start doing the jobs they were elected to.”


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Stacie Tiffin-Wright

Office of the Official Opposition



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