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Liberal Opposition Calls for a Housing Strategy to help our Unhoused

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Prince Edward Island is experiencing a deepening housing crisis that is driving record homelessness, as unhoused Islanders struggle with finding affordable and supportive housing in the province.

This week we saw the King Government celebrating the addition of 8 new supportive units, but this is a far cry from what needs to be done for our unhoused persons.

“Today’s announcement regarding new units is a very small step in the right direction as we need to move leaps and bounds to make a difference,” said Liberal MLA Gord McNeilly.

According to Government, 288 people are identified as unhoused in Prince Edward Island within the Homeless Individuals and Families Information System, a web-based tool that tracks these numbers. It relies on self-reporting.

A recent project ongoing by the Lawson Research Institute of London Ontario says this number is likely triple. If this analysis applies to PEI, the number of unhoused Islanders could be reaching 900, and the Government could have stronger data beyond self-reported numbers.

“The project proposes additional methods to count the amount of people facing homelessness more accurately, accessibly and cost effectively, using provincial health data,”

According to Lawson Research, there is a lack of data on how homelessness affects small communities across Canada.

“I once again call on the King Government to release a housing strategy with clear targets, by August 31, 2023,” said McNeilly.

“Like a great deal of Islanders, I continue to be disappointed by this Government’s lack of a clear vision when it comes to our housing crisis and how little is being done to help the unhoused individuals who are falling through the cracks. We need a plan and we need it as soon as possible.”


Media Contact

Robert Godfrey

Office of the Official Opposition



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