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MLA Robert Henderson Calls for Incentives for All Health PEI Staff


MLA Robert Henderson (O’Leary-Inverness) is calling on the King government to extend its retention incentives to include all Health PEI staff.

“The recent announcement by the Premier excluded hundreds of staff in the health care sector who worked tirelessly on the frontlines during the pandemic,” said Henderson, “They went above and beyond what was previously required in their jobs and they deserve to be recognized.”

Henderson will introduce a motion next week when the PEI Legislature resumes, urging the government to do the right thing and include in its retention programs the numerous allied health professionals, environmental service workers, nutrition service workers, and others who contributed to the health of Islanders during the challenging circumstances they have faced over the last few years.

He said the recent announcement has created further division in the workplace – which has already been described as unsupportive and toxic – since not all professions were recognized by the government. “I’m hearing workplace tensions have gotten worse since the announcement,” said Henderson.

“It’s not so much about providing a benefit as it is about appropriately recognizing the efforts of all our health care workers,” he said. “It takes all members of the healthcare team to provide quality, safe, and compassionate care to Islanders and no one profession should be seen as more important than another by this government.”


Media Contact:

James Ip, Director of Communications

Office of the Third Party

Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island

(647) 297-7759


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