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Official Opposition Calls for Immediate Action on the Community Outreach Centre

The Official Opposition is calling for immediate action from the government to begin the process of closing the Community Outreach Centre and establish a comprehensive plan to deliver alternative sources of support, staffed and operated by trained public sector workers. The Opposition is also calling for an independent review by the Auditor General of the Centre's operations. “It is very clear that the King government's do-nothing approach to the Community Outreach Centre has led to an unsafe and unacceptable situation for those suffering with addictions and mental health challenges as well as the residents who call this community home. The Premier chose a location less than 200 metres from schools, failed to do any community consultation and has had four different Ministers fail to provide any sort of leadership or accountability as it relates to the Centre,” said Perry. “I want the government to acknowledge that they have failed both the community and the clients who are trying to use this Centre. The Outreach Centre as it is operating today is not working. But the services intended to be provided are needed.” The Community Outreach Centre, designed to provide essential services to the community, has been plagued by ongoing issues that puts the well-being and safety of clients and residents at risk. The Leader of the Official Opposition is calling on the government to: 1. Begin the process of shutting down the Community Outreach Centre. 2. Develop a comprehensive plan for alternative sources of support that will be staffed by trained public sector workers. 3. Develop alternate models built on social license, professionally delivered services and community support be initiated in tandem with the closure of the current Outreach Center. 4. Initiate a thorough and impartial review of the operations of the Community Outreach Centre by the Office of the Auditor General. “It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that Islanders have access to safe and effective support systems. I believe that the King governments do-nothing approach to the Community Outreach Centre has been a complete failure in this regard and isn’t properly helping those it was intended to serve. This failure is not only a disservice to Islanders seeking support but also a detriment to an entire community.”


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