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Official Opposition Responds to King’s Cabinet Appointment

The Official Opposition watched Premier Dennis King signal his priorities today as he appointed his new cabinet.

“The newly appointed Cabinet has their work cut out for them,” said Hal Perry, Leader of the Official Opposition. “They can expect a Liberal caucus that will be energized and seeking action as soon as possible,”

“Premier King has given a great deal of responsibility to 11 appointed Members, including five newly minted MLAs. We, as Islanders, have to trust that the Premier placed the right Member in the right portfolio.”

The Official Opposition points to a number of portfolios that are in a state of distress and need immediate attention: health care, housing and affordability. These have been large issues of concern throughout the recent election. They require improvement and responsible management to ensure Islanders get the services they need moving forward.

“My caucus and I look forward to the Legislature opening soon. We are eager to see a long awaited budget and ask the questions Islanders wants answers to.” said Perry. “It is past time for this government to get to work on these important issues.”

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Robert Godfrey

Official Opposition Office



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