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Rural Businesses Left Waiting on King Government

The King government is taking too long launching their revamped version of the Rural Job Initiative, says Liberal Opposition Critic Hal Perry. “Once again, we see a delay in crucial program delivery from the King government, leaving rural businesses left paying the price,” said Perry. “Businesses in rural PEI are disproportionately affected by this slow roll out. They are already operating in unprecedented times with increasing expenses and worsening staffing shortages. They need this funding to be able to afford to hire staff.” The Rural Job Initiative provides wage subsidies for businesses operating outside of the urban areas of Prince Edward Island in support of innovation, technological adaptation, sustainable diversification and the growth of employment in rural Prince Edward Island. “Businesses looking to diversify, expand, or simply keep their doors open in these challenging times have been waiting far too long for government to provide this funding, and the timing chosen to revamp this program is very poorly planned.” “If the King government actually stood behind their commitment to rural PEI businesses and communities, we wouldn’t continually see delays in programs developed to support them.” Media Contact Colton ProfittDirector of Legislative Affairs (902) 218-4572


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