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Statement from Gord McNeilly

The Prince Edward Island government’s handling of harm reduction and addiction support services in our province has been nothing short of a mismanaged disaster. While individuals and communities grapple with the devastating consequences of addiction, the government’s lacklustre response and inadequate resources have only exacerbated the problem.

It is abundantly clear that the King government’s mishandling and politicization of this critical issue has left our most vulnerable citizens without the help they desperately need. This failure is not only a disservice to those battling addiction but also a detriment to an entire community.

A do-nothing government, who would rather avoid making hard decisions, has caused this situation.

As a result, we’re seeing a community become divided, we’re seeing people struggling getting worse and we’re seeing two levels of government that need to work together, unable to get on the same page. At the provincial level, it’s unacceptable that a matter of grave importance has been handled with such disregard for transparency and community input. Government’s lack of action has demonstrated a shocking lack of responsibility and empathy for struggling Islanders.

The location for an overdose prevention site was originally planned for Belmont Street. This decision was overturned in a blatantly political move during an election campaign to play politics with addiction services. Now, it has been made clear that this do-nothing government's plan B location of Park Street is off the table as well.

I am demanding that the Premier and his Ministers take responsibility for their mismanagement and immediately inform the public of what their plan is going forward.

Media Contact:

Robert Godfrey

Official Opposition Office



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