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Statement from Hal Perry on the Release of the Long-term Care Covid-19 External Review Report

Today, the government released the Long-term Care Covid-19 External Review Report that was scheduled to be released last fall. As the Leader of the Official Opposition, I want to express our initial thoughts on this crucial matter.

First and foremost, the well-being and dignity of our seniors and vulnerable Islanders in long-term care facilities are of paramount importance. The protection and quality of care for our seniors and vulnerable populations must be non-negotiable.

Secondly, the current state of our long-term care sector requires substantial attention and improvements. The new national standard for long-term care services provides guidelines for delivering resident-centred care, enabled by a strong workforce. Currently, one of the biggest issues in our province is the shortage of healthcare workers.

Third, time is of the essence. The King government cannot take its typical wait and see approach. It is crucial for the government to begin immediately implementing recommendations from the report to provide resident-centred care, address workforce recovery, recruitment, and development, strengthen infection prevention and control, and improve oversight and accountability.

The release of this review is a step in the right direction, but Islanders need more than words, they need action. I encourage the government to establish a process for monitoring the progress on implementing the recommendations in this report.

Our commitment remains unwavering: we will continue to advocate for a long-term care system that provides safe, compassionate, and dignified care for our loved ones.


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