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Statement from Official Opposition on Government's Plan to Relocate the Community Outreach Centre

Today, the King government announced its decision to move the Community Outreach Centre to a new location without doing anything to address the operational concerns that currently plague the centre.

It appears the government's solution is to move the Community Outreach Centre to another community and let it continue to operate the same way it has been. Once again, this government has failed to do community consultation about their proposed relocation. Their "do-nothing" approach has consequences, and in this case, it perpetuates the suffering of vulnerable people and is a grave disservice to the community.

Simply changing locations and operating as is without addressing the pressing issue that these services are not effectively helping those in need is another failure. It is not fair for the unhoused and those recovering from addiction and genuinely seeking support to be asked to use a facility where open drug use takes place. The King government's decision to overlook the operational issues within the centre reflects a lack of commitment to the welfare of vulnerable Islanders.

The Official Opposition has been clear in advocating for the safety of clients seeking support and for the safety of the community, today’s announcement does nothing for either of those groups. We are once again calling on the government to immediately begin the process of introducing improved sources of support, built on social license, and delivered by public sector workers. Secondly, we remain steadfast in asking the government to initiate a special assignment for the Office of the Auditor General to examine the affairs of the Community Outreach Centre.

Media Contact

Robert Godfrey

Office of the Official Opposition



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