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Statement on Auditor General Reports

Auditor General Report on Surgical Wait Times

The Auditor General's report on surgical wait times in Prince Edward Island reveals a disturbing lack of accountability within Health PEI. The absence of documented policies, deviations from best practices, and inconsistent calculations underscore a systemic failure.

The Report exposes prolonged surgery wait times for Islanders, surpassing national averages. Those requiring cataract, knee, or hip replacement face unnecessary pain and quality of life challenges due to Health PEI procedural issues.

It is disturbing to know that Health PEI did not have standards for the calculation of surgical wait times leaving many Islanders misinformed about when they should expect to receive treatment. 

The revelation that Health PEI's Executive Leadership Team operates with different standards without transparent documentation raises serious concerns about their ability to address and rectify the issues contributing to prolonged surgical wait times. Islanders deserve a healthcare system that adheres to national standards and prioritizes transparency over internal discrepancies.

Swift resolution is imperative. We urge the King Government to implement the recommendations provided by the Auditor General immediately. Islanders deserve surgeries without any further unnecessary delays.

Auditor General Report on the COVID-19 Financial Support Programs Phase III 

The Auditor General's findings on the COVID-19 Financial Support Programs Phase III report underscore a troubling lack of oversight and adherence to established guidelines by government entities. It is concerning that disbursements were not consistently subject to appropriate controls, raising questions about accountability. Moreover, the failure of government departments and reporting entities to follow annual reporting guidelines is a breach of transparency standards. 

In the face of repeated emergency situations, the government has a fundamental responsibility to learn from past experiences, enhance oversight mechanisms, and improve reporting responses to ensure effective and responsible use of public funds.


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