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Statement on Island Waste Management Corp Fee Increase

The Liberal Official Opposition has learned that Island Waste Management

Corporation (IWMC) is attempting to increase fees for household garbage

removal this April.

Dennis King and the Conservative Government are allowing life to get more

expensive in PEI. Amidst a severe cost of living crisis, Island residents don’t

deserve to bear the burden of another rate increase.

Previously, the provincial government provided low level subsidies to IWMC in

2022 and 2023, but now they are abandoning this commitment and passing the

cost on to Islanders.

When will Dennis King and his government understand that

Islanders’ financial well-being needs to be a priority?

It’s time for responsible and compassionate action to ease the strain on PEI

households. As the Official Opposition, we are calling on this government to help

Islanders by maintaining IWMC rates at 2021 levels. Islanders do not need to face

any more increased costs.

Media Contact

Robert Godfrey

Official Opposition Office



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