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Unreasonable Increase to Long-Term Care Rates Hurts Island Seniors

Health PEI’s announcement yesterday to increase the maximum daily room rate in public long-term care homes by almost $5,000.00 per year is unreasonable, says Leader of the Official Opposition Hal Perry.

“This announcement comes at a time when families are already grappling with fixed incomes and the rising costs of essential needs, and when our healthcare system is already under immense pressure,” said Perry.

“It is unfair to burden seniors and families with additional financial strain right now. Long term care beds are an essential service that many vulnerable individuals depend upon, and this large, unexpected increase will only add further strain.”

On July 31, 2023, Health PEI announced the maximum daily room rate in public long-term care homes changed from $92.19 to $105.78 per day, effective August 1, 2023, for new residents entering long-term care. This increase equates to nearly $5,000.00 per year for new and current residents.

“Adding an additional financial burden to our most vulnerable seniors in long-term care right now is simply unfair and unjust,” said Perry. “I am calling on government to consider a phased in approach for this substantial increase and to prioritize the well-being of Island seniors.”


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Robert Godfrey

Official Opposition Office



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