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Urgent Call for Government Action to Ensure Unhoused Have Shelter in Extreme Cold


CHARLOTTETOWN – MLA Gord McNeilly (Charlottetown-West Royalty) is calling on the King government to ensure that unhoused individuals have access to a warm place to stay out of the cold this weekend as temperatures are expected to drop to extreme levels.

“The government has a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of its citizens, especially in emergency situations,” said McNeilly, who is the Third Party critic for housing issues. “Since the individuals living in the tent encampment in Charlottetown have been evicted from the area, we need to make sure that no one has fallen through the cracks and can’t find a warm place to stay when it’s treacherously cold.”

McNeilly is calling for the government to direct officials from the Department of Social Development and Housing to follow-up on the status of the individuals who had been staying in the encampment. He is also suggesting that planning with municipalities be put in place during extreme cold conditions to provide a warm place to stay if any households lose power or experience issues with staying warm.

“While I hope that no one loses power during this extreme cold snap, it’s important that we be prepared,” said McNeilly. “Hundreds were without power for weeks after hurricane Fiona. If there is any power loss, it would be extremely dangerous for anyone to be without heat.”


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