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Sonny Gallant Today Issued the Following Statement About Fiona Relief Payment

“The King government is completely mismanaging the rollout of providing financial relief to PEI residents affected by Hurricane Fiona.

“By taking a hands-off approach once again and handing over responsibility to the Canadian Red Cross to deliver provincial relief payments, the government is failing people who desperately need help.

“While some people have received electronic transfers of the $250 payment, others are now being asked to show up in person in Charlottetown to prove their identity. This is a huge challenge for residents who live and work hours away from the city, or don’t have easy access to transportation.

“The responsibility for this mismanagement and confusion ultimately lies with the King government, not the Canadian Red Cross. The government is abdicating its responsibilities by allowing this organization with a stellar history of humanitarian work, both within our province and around the globe, to take the heat for issues with relief funding distribution.

“There needs to be a balance between appropriate oversight of taxpayer dollars and getting this money out the door quickly.

“If in-person validation is required, the government should allow the Red Cross to set up satellite offices at Access PEI locations across the province with flexible hours.

“I am calling on government to immediately address these barriers and to communicate directly with the Islanders they are letting down in their time of need.”


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