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King Government Running Away from Accountability


CHARLOTTETOWN – The King government is missing in action while the crisis in the province’s health-care system continues unabated, says MLA Robert Henderson (O’Leary-Inverness).

“It’s unacceptable that this government is avoiding accountability when it comes to a number of issues that urgently require attention, including a health-care system that’s buckling under pressure,” said Henderson, the Third Party critic on health care. “Islanders deserve true leadership from its government when times are tough – one that is willing to take responsibility and willing to report on what it's doing to take action, not hide from democratic committees.” The legislature’s Standing Committee on Health and Social Development, of which Henderson is a member, has been asking since last August for the Premier and Health Minister Ernie Hudson to answer questions about the crisis in our health-care system. Minister Hudson indicated through the clerk’s office he could be available sometime in March, while there was no word from the premier’s office. “Despite recent assurances from the premier that he’s not thinking about an election, it’s clear that he is pushing accountability for our health-care system beyond the election call that we expect after the Canada Games,” said Henderson.

Meanwhile, he added, Islanders cannot access our health-care system in a timely manner with more than 26,000 people without a family doctor, and residents facing the repeated closure of rural hospitals and record ER wait times.

“People are looking for answers, and instead of providing them, this government is avoiding Islanders,” said Henderson. “We won’t allow this to happen. We demand this government take the state of our health-care system seriously and we will hold the Premier and his team accountable for it during the election campaign.”


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James Ip

Director of Communications



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