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Opposition Leader Urges Govt to Slash Red Tape & Accelerate Municipal Permit for New Rental Builds

To address the pressing housing crisis that continues to burden our communities, Hal Perry, leader of the Official Opposition, is calling on the government to reduce bureaucratic red tape and pressure municipalities to expedite the permitting process for new rental housing.

“Our communities need more rental units, and they need them quickly. To get more built, we need the government and municipalities working together to get things happening faster. Much faster.” says Perry.

“But this government has an unfortunate habit of taking its time rather than acting. Back in early September, I called on the King government to remove the provincial portion of the HST from new rental builds to get housing built quickly. Since then, PEI has fallen behind Nova Scotia and Newfoundland who have already acted.”

“Where is the sense of urgency? To me, this lack of action says this government is content to lag behind. So today, I am proposing an additional approach to get rental housing built faster. I’m asking government to get rid of the red tape and work with municipalities to speed up the permitting process, so renters have a place to call home.”


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