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Statement from Hal Perry on Paid Sick Leave Proclamation

"Today's proclamation of paid sick leave in PEI is a long-awaited acknowledgment of the fundamental need for workplace support in times of illness. While I am glad the government finally took this step forward, it's deeply disappointing to witness how they've diluted the essence of our original bill. Our intention was crystal clear: to ensure Islanders wouldn't be forced to choose between their health and a paycheck, especially amidst the harsh realities of the cost of living crisis gripping PEI.

The bill I introduced, with the intent to provide 3 days of paid sick leave after 90 days of consecutive employment, followed by 2 additional days after 180 days, aimed to strike a balance between worker well-being and small business sustainability. Moreover, it included provisions for Government support to assist the business community in adapting to any associated costs.

However, the amendments imposed by the conservative Government significantly diminished these crucial provisions. By slashing paid sick leave days from 5 to a mere 1 per year, with a gradual increase to 3 after 3 years, they've effectively undermined the core purpose of the bill. Additionally, their decision to eliminate Government support for businesses and delay the implementation timeline further exacerbates the challenges faced by Islanders.

It's evident that this government's approach falls woefully short of addressing the urgent needs of workers. While one day of paid sick leave is a start, it's far from sufficient, particularly in a time when Islanders are grappling with unprecedented cost of living pressures."


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