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Statement on the Release of the Population Framework for Prince Edward Island

The long-awaited population framework released by the government of Prince Edward Island today is nothing short of a hollow and disappointing gesture to Islanders in dire need of real solutions. 

This glossy document, filled with more images than concrete action plans, is a stark reminder of the conservative government's failure to address the pressing issues accompanying population growth. 

Access to housing and healthcare in this province has never been worse. We know there are more than 36,000 Islanders waiting for a family doctor, and we know this government is falling short of building the 2,000 new housing units needed each year just to keep up with the projected population growth. 

While the Minister seems to have finally realized the need to target immigration to better align with our province’s labour gaps, the government owes Islanders an explanation as to why it took a housing crisis, a healthcare crisis and five years of governing to finally correct course and see that their irresponsible immigration practices exacerbated the very issues they pledged, and failed, to fix.

While Islanders struggle with access to essential services like healthcare and housing, this framework serves as yet another glaring example of a government that reacts rather than plans. It's abundantly clear that this conservative government is just not up to the job.


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